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Introduction to our lottery subscriptions

A run down on subscribing to a lottery game. LotteryBank subscriptions are made for people with busy lives. Or maybe you just like the convenience of setting up your chances to win on autopilot, from anywhere you are. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to stay busy and play the lottery with ease and convenience.

Maybe you’re just a forgetful person. Realizing the morning after a drawing that nobody won the Jackpot is a relieving feeling. However, realizing someone won BIG and you forgot to buy a ticket is even worse! We want to accommodate your lifestyle. We do this by providing weekly lottery subscriptions to anyone who registers. Start a Powerball lottery subscription or lotto subscription today and never miss a drawing for the next year!

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How many tickets per week?

Our subscriptions are for 1 week at a time. You are charged per week for each game you subscribe to.

Tickets purchased for that week are split evenly with the drawings produced from the game chosen. Any additional tickets left over will be added to your last day of your subscription.

For example, 100 ticket subscription with 7 drawing days for the week will be split as such; days 1-6 will have 14 tickets a day for a total of 84 tickets. The 7th day will have 16 tickets.

You can renew, edit or cancel your lottery subscription online any time from your Account page in your Subscriptions tab.

How many weeks?

You are charged for each week as you go.

Any member can subscribe to the lottery for up to 52 weeks

and we always include the first week at no charge.

Set up your Subscription for a short family getaway or for a year long hiatus around the World. You will never miss another lottery drawing again.

Editing Canceling or Renewing

At anytime in your Account page, you can access your Subscriptions tab and make changes to your current subscription. To cancel your subscription, simply click the button marked “cancel”. When editing a current subscription, click, “edit” and proceed to check-out for confirmation of your changes. Your subscription will proceed with the same timing as the edited subscription.

To Renew a subscription, click the “Renew” button and proceed to check-out. Your Renewed subscription will play the same numbers as your last subscription unless you choose quick picks for your numbers.

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After my subscription is finished.

LotteryBank will continue to add any winnings to your account. For example, if your Powerball lottery subscription is finished and you are unable to renew it, we will add your winnings to your account balance. When you have the time, simply login to your account and renew it. Subscriptions only run for as long as you have ordered. LotteryBank will continue to add your winnings and keep them safe until you are ready to withdraw. Want to keep up on LotteryBank news? Follow us on Twitter!